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"We can literally reach the four corners of the world through prayer."

-Pastor Michael Bialuk



  The United States

  • The Hounshell family to the Utah Mormons
  • The Soward family to the Indians in Oklahoma
  • Don Hodge- FBI (First Baptist International)
  • The Gideons- Fulton County, OH 
  • The Canavan family to NYC
  • Evangelist Larry Clayton- S.E.A.


    The Philippines

  • Mark Caluag



  •  The Jones family


 The Canary Islands

  • The Shwaderer family



  • The Sauder family
  • The Halk family



  • The Males family


   The Netherlands

  • The Spoelstra family


The United Kingdom

  • Jonathan and Gracie Heaton
  • Sam and Beth Quinn



  •  The Josh Miller family



  •  The Turnbull family


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